Our Vision

jigsaw vision and values

Our vision is of:

“A great community with a strong sense of belonging”

This encapsulates the importance we give to:

  •        Serving our community.
  •        Supporting the community’s aspirations. 
  •        Fostering a sense of ownership.
  •        Pride in the local area.

Our Values

Values are important to us as they guide our behaviours and highlight where we focus our energy and commitment. We reviewed these at a Strategy Day in December 2019. 

 Going the extra mile

 Thinking positively

 Showing appreciation

 Empowering others

 Not forgetting the important things

 Spending wisely

  • Going the extra mile:- a key part of our customer service and one which we know is appreciated hugely. 
  • Thinking positively:- we are a “can do” organisation and where we make mistakes we always learn from them.
  • Showing appreciation: - we employ 21 members of staff and we encourage appreciation from customers and colleagues alike.
  • Empowering others:- we believe in letting our staff get on with the job and maximising their responsibility without being micro managed.
  • Not forgetting the important things:- as a registered social landlord we must operate within a tight regulatory regime and ensure compliance and our systems of assurance are maintained at all times.
  • Spending wisely: - we are always mindful that our financial resources come almost entirely from rents our tenants pay. Capital subsidy from the government is taxpayer’s money so we also have a commitment to transparency and thrift.