Tenancy Support Service

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The Association works with Simon Community Scotland to provide a Tenancy Support Service to our tenants.

Angela Taylor provides this service and can be contacted on 0141 776 8628.

You can find more information via the Simon Community website by clicking on the logo. 

What is Tenancy Support?

The service is designed to provide practical support for people who need assistance and advice in maintaining their home. The service can help with;

· Home Safety and Security

· Maintaining your Home

· Managing your Mail

· Income and Debt Management

· Shopping & Cooking

· Advice on Health Matters

· Speaking to other Professionals

· Getting Out & About

The Support Worker will work alongside tenants to help motivate and build confidence with the aim that they will in time be able to manage better and enjoy an increased quality of life.

If you are interested in this service then you can 

· ask your Housing Officer or anyone else in the Association to refer you

· contact the office directly by telephone 


The service operates on a very strict principle of confidentiality. You can be assured that all information regarding yourself will be confidential and kept in a locked cabinet.

There may be times were information is requested by other agencies or personnel for various reasons. Your permission will be sought prior to your information being released.

You will be asked to agree to sign a form which allows staff to share your information with other appropriate agencies. You can discuss this with your worker. Any information held on you is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.